Ceiling fans are essential for any residential or commercial premise, as it is cost-efficient, saves energy and keeps you cooler during summers and warmer during winters. However, buying the right ceiling fan after consulting with an electrician in Beverly Hills is essential if you want to buy the right product that meets your requirements and provides just the kind of performance you are looking for. Even though the electrical contractor will take into consideration all the essential parameters and statistics of your house or office before recommending you a ceiling fan, it can be highly instrumental if you can keep several tips in mind to buy the right ceiling fan. It helps in making an informed decision, buying a value for money product and one that meets all your requirements perfectly, without causing a feeling of regret after several days.

  • Keeping the size of the ceiling fan is mind is very important as different sizes are available in the market to suit the dimension of different types and size of properties.For e.g. for the room that has a ceiling height of around 12 feet, a 36 inch wide fan is required and if the longest wall is around 15 feet, a fan of 40 to 48 inches wide is required. And, it continues like that. It is necessary to get the effect you are looking for from the fan.
  • If you have a very tall or vaulted ceiling, you will need a downrod. It helps in bringing the height of the ceiling fan to the optimal length of 8 to 9 feet for optimal performance.
  • There are ceiling fans available for different room sizes and areas in the house, such as patio, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, verandah, and so on. Choose according to your requirement and area of installation to make the most of the ceiling fan you purchase. Large ceiling fans to small ceiling fans are available in different designs, patterns and blade size, tilt and angle. Ascertaining what you need makes the selection procedure much easier.
  • Ceiling fan blades also play a vital role in choosing the right ceiling fan. The pitch of the blade decides its ability to move air efficiently and the electrician in Beverly Hills will be able to guide you with their expertise as to which ceiling fan blade is more suited for your premise requirements. Ceiling fan blades also have a role to play in the aesthetic appeal and look of the ceiling fan. Even though the classic ceiling fan designs still continue to have 4 to 5 blades, there are ceiling fans available with over around 9 blades or more to give it a helicopter look, which is increasingly becoming famous in the contemporary home decors.
  • Keep in mind that there are hugger fans, low ceiling fans, ceiling fans with close adapter and standard mount fans available in the market. Choose according to the dimension of your room to ensure optimal performance.
  • There are different types of ceiling fans available in the market in terms of design and style, starting from classic to contemporary and from kids and sporty ceiling fans to vintage styled wooden ceiling fans. The cost also varies accordingly. Decide the style that compliments your home décor and doesn’t stretch your budget.

Keeping these few points in mind can help you buy the ceiling fan that will enhance the look of your décor, while also providing the kind of performance and efficiency you are looking for. There are also many different companies that manufacture ceiling fans. Buying the product of a reputed company, even if it costs a bit more, is a good idea as it is certain to last long and provide good value for money in the long term.

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