The electricity bills have been skyrocketing in the past few years as the energy costs continue to rise, making it imperative to think about alternative energy sources to reduce energy bills. Apart from natural ways to save electricity like turning off appliances when not in use, reducing the usage of heaters and air-conditioners when not necessarily needed, and so on, one can even choose to install solar panels to generate electricity in-house, which can save a substantial amount of money on the energy bills. If installed on a moderate scale, the energy generated can even support your heating and air-conditioner needs, but in any case it would prove to be really productive in cutting your energy bills greatly. Here are the few steps you need to take to install solar on your home.

1.    Consult with the solar electrician in Los Angeles – The solar electrician in your area would come and examine your home for energy efficiency and requirements and see if your roof has sufficient area to install solar panels. Once they have examined your home, they will start creating a solar installation plan as per the requirements, budget and energy needs. The rest of the installation process, budget and planning would depend upon the solar installation plan they make, customized to your home and its energy efficiency. Branover Contractors Inc electrical service are licensed and certified solar electrician in Los Angeles.

2.    Securing necessary permits for the solar installation – This is the part your solar installer will handle, as they have the experience and the resources to do the same seamlessly. The process would also include entering into a net-metering agreement if required. The agreements and permits are issued after it is successfully demonstrated that the solar installation has been done through the standard approved by the authorities. It involves proving that the solar system is insured, the lineman would be safe while repairing or during maintenance, it can be disconnected whenever required, and so on.

3.    Solar Installation – Once the consultation is done and the permits have been acquired, it is time for solar installation and in most of the cases, it takes just 24-72 hours, depending upon the scale of the solar installation and the complexities involved, which mainly depends upon the area available on the terrace and your existing wiring system. The solar electrician in Los Angeles would first start by mounting brackets on the roof and install wiring. Then the solar panels are installed and wires are connected to it. After the solar panels are installed, the wiring is connected to the inverter and then to the main electrical system. After the system is carefully installed, the solar electrician himself would schedule an inspection, if required, by the concerned authorities for approval.

Solar installation is a smart way to save money on the energy bills in the Los Angeles or just about anywhere. It helps in using the natural energy to supply power to the house, thereby saving a good amount of money annually on the energy bills. A solar electrician in Los Angeles would take care of the entire process once hired, but make sure to check the credentials of the electrician before hiring, to get the value for money services and equipment.