House wiring constitutes an important part of the house structure and simply cannot be ignored, as it doesn’t only ensure smooth functioning of house electrical supply and connected appliances; it also protects the house from any kind of electrical hazard. There are many old houses where the cloth insulated wires still continue to exist as before 1950, this was the only types of house wiring insulation available and used. Any and all buildings and houses before 1950 need house rewiring immediately as cloth insulated wiring can cause short circuit fire, can spark and if touched by mistake can cause injury or even death by electrical shock.

Not only does the house need to be rewired as per modern standards, the old electrical panels likely need to be changed as well. This is because, the old electrical panels are not advanced enough to take the supply load from the electric company and supply in equal proportion to all the circuits in the house, which, in turn, can cause great inconvenience to the property owners. The fuses can blow off at the regular intervals and the circuit breakers may flip frequently due to the old electrical panels. In case of power leak or overload, the old electrical panels may not be able to shut off like the advanced panels, which can cause the wires to melt, fire outbreak and cause a shock hazard. This is why; it is imperative that at the time of house rewiring, replacing older electrical panels with the new ones is necessary.

We here at Branover Contractors Inc electrical service are the certified and licensed Los Angeles house rewiring specialists and you can trust us with eyes closed. Not only do we have the necessary credentials to the job perfectly, we have the years of experience as well in this industry, which collectively makes us one of the best electric service providers in this field in Los Angeles, Ca. We take care of each and every house rewiring job with utmost care, professionalism and in a customized fashion, to meet the precise and different requirements of our clients. If you have doubts and don’t know if you actually need a house rewiring or not, we can check your existing house wiring and provide you with a comprehensive report on what needs to be changed and with an economical quote.

Generally, the house rewiring is needed in certain circumstances like –

  • Any and all houses built before 1950 have cloth insulated wiring, and if your home has this kind of wiring, it is highly recommended that you contact us today for house rewiring.
  • For homes built before 1935, they not only had cloth insulated wiring, but the knob and tube wiring used at that time was ungrounded, which presents a number of hazards.
  • Many houses built or renovated during 1960s-1970s have an aluminum wiring instead of copper wiring, which not only makes the electrical lines inefficient, but also presented fire hazards. Our house rewiring experts can analyze your house wiring system and tell you where exactly the aluminum wiring can be replaced with the copper wiring, without actually having to revamp the entire house wiring. It saves you a considerable amount of money, while making your house much safer.
  • If you are using extension cords as a permanent makeshift, rather than a temporary fix, you require additional electrical circuits. In an otherwise case, this can cause fire hazard due to overload.
  • Our experts can also check your electrical panel and replace it with a new advanced one. If you doubt there is something wrong with your panel or if you have an old electrical panel and wish to change it, our experts can check and tell you exactly what needs to be changed and if the existing panel poses any danger or not.
  • Our house rewiring experts can also install new power outlets at convenient locations of your choice.

Basically, the electrical panel and wiring need to be updated if you feel that the lines are not working as efficiently as they should, or if you have noticed frequent flipping of circuit breakers and fuse going off. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, around 67,800 homes catches fire each year due to faulty wiring, resulting in 485 deaths and $680 million in property losses each year. If you want to know whether your electrical system is safe or not, whether it needs rewiring or if you want more electrical plug-ins, switches and outlets, consult our in-office electricians for a comprehensive, reliable and affordable solution.

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