So you need an electrician in Los Angeles, but how do you find one? Business directories do provide their contact details, but no directory can help you ascertain the quality of their work or their trustworthiness. So how will you choose the right electrical contractor? In this post, we will explain everything you need to consider before hiring an electrician.

If your home has an old electrical system, you will have to upgrade it sometime soon. You may have already noticed cords that have fallen out of their outlets. Your switches don’t work properly and you’ve got a feeling that all devices are on one circuit as a breaker trips. Make no mistake – you have to upgrade your electrical system.

While upgrading it, you need to consider quite a few things. Before hiring an electrician you should know what the project involves. You have to get quotes. If you have received multiple bids, be sure to compare them. And while you are at it, compare apples to apples. You need a number. Don’t hire a contractor who says that ‘it will be about a few hundred bucks.’ You will end up paying a whole lot more when you don’t have an exact number.  But don’t base it on just the money factor. Sometimes you can end up paying more by choosing a bad contractor.

Time frame

Ask your contractor to give you a hard date. You should know how long he will take to complete the work. Since this work can disturb your household, it is beneficial to know exactly when each phase will be complete.

Review prices

Review the labor and material cost sheet. You should know whether the contractor is overcharging you. Shopping for materials can cost time, and some contractors may add this to the cost sheet. If you suspect that you are being overcharged, don’t hesitate to ask for an explanation.

Ask questions if you have any

While hiring someone to update your electrical system, you should ask all questions that might be bothering you. An experienced contractor will be able to answer most questions you have and put your mind at ease. You should also find out how they will implement the project. They are professionals and they may have completed similar projects many times so they should be able to explain everything in detail.


You have to hire the right contractor to ensure that the project will move ahead without a glitch. So, do your homework. If you want to hire the best electrician services in Los Angeles, contact us at Branover Contractors Inc. We have an experience of several years, and can help you out with your electrical woes.