Homes built during the period between 1880 to 1935 had knob and tube wiring, which in today’s time is considered highly unreliable, risky and dangerous as it can cause electrical shocks, short circuit and fire. In this system, wires were drawn throughout the home electrical system with ceramic tubes and were wound around ceramic knobs. If your Los Angeles home has knob and tube wiring or if your home was built during the above mentioned period, call our office and consult for free with our in-house electrician to know whether your home might have the knob and tube wiring and if yes, what would be the installation procedure, requirements and cost. Other than protecting your house from fire and saving your loved ones from electrical shocks by going for house rewiring, the insurance cost of your home would also come down by choosing to go for house rewiring. As the knob and tube wiring are ungrounded mostly, the lifespan of the modern day appliances is greatly reduced and this system might also not be able to supply a steady stream of electricity to the appliances, especially if your energy consumption is high.

For houses in Los Angeles with knob and tube wiring, mortgage loans are not provided by most of the companies and insurance companies also hesitate in insuring such homes, and even if they do, the cost is astronomical. Fire insurance is not provided for houses with knob and tube wiring. If your house has knob and tube wiring, call our office today to consult with an expert electrician about replacing the old electrical system. Our Los Angeles experts can also help you identify if your house has knob and tube wiring.

One of the other reasons why knob and tube wiring needs to be replaced is because this system was not designed to meet the heavy electric load needed by the modern day appliances like large TV, double door refrigerators, ovens, entertainment system, and so on. The knob and tube wiring is ungrounded as well, and therefore, it can cause minor unnoticeable damage to the appliances and over a period of time, damages the appliances and cuts short its overall lifespan. The knob and tube wiring cannot distribute electric supply in a well distributed and systematic fashion like the modern day wiring and therefore, circuit breakers can flip regularly and may even cause short circuit or the fuse to blow off. There is also a high probability of a fire break out in case of knob and tube wiring, especially when the fuse blows off and the knob and tube wiring or the insulation panel is placed against it.

One of the worst problems faced by the home owners having knob and tube wiring is finding a mortgage lender who can provide loan on such house or help in re-insuring the house. Since, the risk of fire or damage is high in such homes, insurers and lenders take these properties as high risks and try to avoid such properties as much as possible. In cases when the lenders have provided a loan or insurer has provided insurance, the home is first checked thoroughly for safety standards. The re-sale price of such homes is very low compared to the market rates and it is also very difficult to find the buyers who might be interested in homes with knob and tube wiring.

Consult with our in-house electrician to schedule a free home safety inspection and we would guide you through the rest of the process on how to replace the old knob and tube wiring and make your home safer. We provide our clients with reliable and affordable services through our licensed and certified electricians, who would take care of your house rewiring work with utmost care and professionalism.