Many electricians in Los Angeles suggest that outdoor lighting in one of the most effective solutions when it comes to caring for your personal property. By removing the ability of a thief to sneak up on your home in unlit stealth, a lighting system outside of your home can make criminals feel more uncomfortable about the prospect of targeting your house in the first place. There are various different options for lighting available when it comes to using light as a security measure, and the one that you choose for your home in Los Angeles will depend largely on personal preference, and the reviews that you have gotten from other people. Remember, keeping your home safe is not just a way to reduce your insurance premiums, it’s the fundamental first step in keeping your property and family safe during the night when you’re sleeping, when you’re away on holiday, or even during times when the house is left alone and you’re at work.

Motion Activated Lighting

A great benefit of motion activated lighting is that it is usually good for saving electricity, because the lights only come on when they are triggered by the movement that takes place outside of your house. These lights can give thieves a real fright if they’re creeping around your property and suddenly find themselves sunder the spotlight, and this may be all it takes to prevent them from continuing their behavior. Some motion activated lighting can give the impression that there is someone home even when there is not, which could lead the burglar to believe that the police are already being called. For the best results, place your lighting in areas where nobody should be, such as around the back and sides of your house, and make sure you’re able to see them if they do go off, so you know that something’s not right.

Outdoor Lighting From Dusk Till Dawn

This form of lighting turns on automatically at dusk, and off again at dawn, providing a continuous beam of light throughout the night that can act as a powerful deterrent to criminals. To reduce the amount of electricity that you typically use in running these lights, you can choose to opt for solar powered lighting, or choosing low voltage bulbs, but it is best to use bulbs that are still strong enough to scare off thieves. However, light bulbs that are too bright can increase the concept of darkness elsewhere, creating hiding places for burglars.

Energy Efficient Motion Activated Lighting

Like motion activated lighting, but more energy efficient, this option helps to keep the outdoor lighting on a continuously low level. If movement is detected however, the light amplifies, giving potential criminals quite a shock as they are blinded with suddenly brighter bulbs.

Whatever option you choose, it’s important to make sure you are caring for your house in Los Angeles, and make sure that the lights and sensors are placed high up so that they cannot be reached easily and tampered with.

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