Do you have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide in your home or office? Every year thousands of people die of house fires. But, the fact is that they can be easily prevented by smoke detector installationthe installation of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Most fire fatalities occur at night and most victims of house fires die from the inhalation of smoke and toxic fumes even before the fire reaches them. While most people think that they can easily be woken up from the smoke, the fumes from the fire put them into much deeper sleep. It is a proven fact that smoke detectors can save lives.

There are different types of smoke detectors available in the market –

  • Photoelectric smoke detectors
  • Ionization smoke detectors
  • Combination smoke detectors

It is important to choose a smoke detector that will be a best fit for your home or office and is within your budget. While some are battery operated, others can be connected to your home’s electrical units.

Placement of smoke alarms is also crucial for proper functioning of these units, as illogically placed smoke detectors won’t be able to detect the smoke at the right time, causing alarm to go off much later than required. There are several factors that needs to be considered for maximum protection with smoke detectors, like –

  • The batteries of the smoke detectors should be changed annually and the backup batteries should be installed for the smoke detectors that are wired into your electrical system.
  • Smoke detectors should be located at strategic points inside your house where you smoke, near the oven and kitchen appliances and in the kitchen. You can consult with our in-house experts on smoke detectors installation and schedule a visit for our experts to give you an estimate of how many units would be required for your house and what would be the total cost of the entire installation process. Also, our experts would be able to provide you with a comprehensive safety report of your house and tell you how the smoke detectors would be able to enhance the safety of your house and protect your loved ones in the case of a fire emergency.
  • It is essential to replace the old smoke detectors every 8-9 years, as new and advanced models are released. In general, the life span of most of the smoke detectors is around 10 years, and more details about it can be learnt from the manual that comes with the smoke detectors or by contacting the manufacturer.
  • Smoke detectors with shine lights can be installed for houses where one or more of the family members are hearing impaired. Shining lights helps such members to recognize fire emergency easily and take necessary action, which can make all the difference.

It may seem in the first instance that installing smoke detectors is an easy job and many people even do install the detectors by themselves, but the U.S. Fire Administration recommends that you hire only the certified, licensed and qualified electrician to install the smoke detectors. Thankfully, Branover Contractors electrical service in Los Angeles, Ca are just the installers to help you. This is because the professional electrician installs the smoke detectors at the right locations and in an appropriate manner that helps in increasing the lifespan of the unit. The price of the smoke detectors varies from $10 to $50, but let the job of choosing the best smoke detectors for your home remain with us as we know what suits your requirements perfectly, without stretching your budget.

Our professional team of electrician also provides quarterly and annual maintenance checks on the smoke detectors to ensure the units are working fine – else it would be of no use when most required. We work in line with the standard guidelines set by the U.S. Fire Administration, use only the best products available in the market, provide a quick and responsive customer services and all our electricians are certified, qualified and professionals with years of experience. You can trust us with installation of smoke detectors at your home or office and for any other electrical services that you might require.