Branover contractors, Inc. is a full-service energy solutions and solar contractor for residential, commercial, and municipal properties in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Orange County, and Ventura County..

Save now with combined local utility rebates and government incentives that will pay up to 80% of your solar systems cost. Customers generally recoup their solar system investment within 5-10years.

Solar photovoltaic panel electric systems are environmentally friendly and reduce your reliance on energy from the utility company. Instead of renting your electricity from your utility, you can now own your own clean energy production.

Why Go Solar?

  • Dramatically lower your electric bill with solar energy.
  • Capitalize of federal and local subsidies.
  • Hedge against utility rate increases and market volatility – Utility rates have been increasing at an average rate of 15% annually since 2006.
  • Provide clean, renewable, electricity along with associated marketing benefits.
  • Add value to the property
  • Solar system investments typically see a strong Return On Investment (ROI).
  • Environmental Benefits
  • Dependable power – solar PV panels are backed with 25year warranty