Introducing The Amazing World Of LED Lighting And All It Has To Offer

So what is LED lighting? Light emitting diodes, known more commonly as LEDs, are a digital light source that originally started life as minor indicators within electrical components manufactured by companies like HP. The light itself is produced as a result of electrons within the bulb releasing energy in the form of photons generally referred to as electro-luminescence. The energy efficiency of LEDs, combined with their robust ability to stand the test of time, and low maintenance have made them a bright new alternative to the energy hungry world of today. Originally, the cost of these nifty pieces of equipment limited their ability to be used as an everyday light source. However, in consideration of the ever-increasing costs of increasing prices of energy, LED lighting has now become a viable alternative to the original forms of Mr Edison’s creativity. Today, LED lighting is used in various applications throughout the world.

How LED Lighting Works

Traditional bulbs contain a small wire filament, which is basically a very thin, very carefully designed coil of wire. When a current passes through this coil, it grows hot, which causes it to glow, therefore emitting light. However, because a lot of the energy that is produced is converted into unnecessary heat, a lot of energy is wasted. Contrastingly, an LED light is made by joining two materials with particular properties, N-type materials which come with extra electrons, and P-type materials that are missing those necessary electrodes. When a current is passed through these two materials, it helps the spare electrons from the N-type materials to flow into the P-type, resulting in a production of energy. The great thing about this type of light in comparison with traditional bulbs is that LEDs use a great deal less energy, making them better for the environment, and the average energy bill. On top of this, LEDs:


  • Generate less heat, meaning that you’re unlikely to burn your fingers on them, and they’re safer around young children.
  • Last much longer than a traditional light bulb, which is once again a positive for the environment, and your wallet.
  • Less dangerous to use and manufacture, both for you and your environment. No vapors are released from the broken glass if you accidentally smash one.

Appreciating LEDs

Experimental trials that have been carried out using LED light fittings have begun to demonstrate that the new technology is capable of delivering amazing energy savings, reduce overall costs and even make those using them feel safer. A study performed by the Energy Saving Trust found that, in an observation of over four thousand LED lights fitted at approximately thirty five sites, the fittings saved over three million kilowatt hours annually, in comparison with traditional lighting. The white light that is used for general lighting with LEDs can be created through using a mixture of red, greens and blues, and these lights can last for a period of up to one hundred thousand hours when compared to the thousand hour life of a traditional incandescent bulb. This saves people money not only on the replacement costs of the bulbs and fittings, but also saves them time in renewing and replacing their light sources. The long lifespan of LEDs combined with their low energy usages make them an amazing economic alterative, because although the fittings themselves may cost slightly more, the maintenance bills of LED lights are generally much lower.

Are LED Lights Suitable For Residential And Commercial Lighting Applications

LED lighting is the most energy-efficient light source available today, creating a saving of up to 80% within the traffic signal industry alone. As monochromatic lights which utilize almost all of the energy generated efficiently, LED lights can be used in a variety of commercial and residential settings. Because of their extended lifespan, LED lights are often particularly useful when it comes to home and commercial security, in fixtures such as flood lights, spot lights and security lights. Not only are LEDs cheaper to run for a longer period of time, they are also capable of producing fantastic illumination for particularly large spaces. The chances are you have seen them being used to light up sports fields, so just imagine what they could do for your outdoor landscaping or commercial car park when you’re lighting up a space for a garden party or deterring wayward criminals from company vehicles. LED lights are beginning to fill the market in a variety of forms, and there are many people who can now enjoy the economic and environmental benefits of switching away from standard bulbs.

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