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Electrical Code Compliance and Code Corrections








In Los Angeles, California, adhering to electrical codes is a critical aspect of building safety and legal compliance. The city’s regulations are shaped by the California Electrical Code (CEC), influenced by the National Electrical Code (NEC), and further tailored by local amendments. Here we explaore the specifics of electrical code compliance in Los Angeles, including the process of code corrections, and discuss the “Notice to Comply” issued by the Los Angeles Housing Department (LAHD) for residential properties.

Understanding Electrical Code Compliance in Los Angeles

The California Electrical Code in Los Angeles

Los Angeles adheres to the California Electrical Code, which incorporates the NEC and includes state-specific amendments. Updated every three years, these regulations encompass a broad spectrum of electrical installations, emphasizing safety and efficiency.

Local Amendments

Los Angeles’ amendments to the CEC reflect its unique environmental and geographical challenges, such as earthquake safety and fire hazards. These local regulations are crucial for ensuring that electrical systems are resilient and safe under specific local conditions.

Permit Requirements

Most electrical work in Los Angeles, from new installations to significant repairs, requires a permit from the Department of Building and Safety. This process ensures that all electrical work is inspected and adheres to the required standards.

Compliance Inspections, Enforcement, and Code Corrections

Regular Inspections

Certified electrical inspectors play a vital role in ensuring compliance through regular inspections. These inspections verify that electrical installations meet the necessary standards.

Enforcement and Penalties

Non-compliance can lead to penalties, including fines and the requirement to make mandatory corrections. Persistent non-compliance might result in more severe consequences, such as the property being declared uninhabitable.

Code Corrections

When violations are identified, property owners must undertake code corrections to bring the electrical systems up to standard. This process involves:

  1. Identifying Violations: Understanding the specific areas where the electrical system fails to meet the code.

  2. Hiring Qualified Professionals: Engaging licensed electricians who are well-versed in Los Angeles’ electrical codes to make the necessary corrections.

  3. Securing Permits: Obtaining the appropriate permits for any significant electrical work that needs to be done.

  4. Making Corrections: The licensed electrician will make the necessary adjustments or installations to rectify the violations.

  5. Final Inspection: After the corrections are made, a final inspection is necessary to ensure that the electrical system now complies with the code.

The LAHD Notice to Comply

Understanding the Notice

The LAHD issues a “Notice to Comply” to residential properties found in violation of housing codes, including electrical safety standards. This notice requires property owners to rectify the violations within a specified period.

Addressing the Notice

Upon receiving a Notice to Comply, property owners should:

  1. Review the Notice: Understand the violations and the compliance timeframe.

  2. Consult a Licensed Electrician: Engage a professional familiar with local codes for code corrections.

  3. Obtain Necessary Permits: Ensure all required permits are obtained for the corrective work.

  4. Correct the Violations: Have the electrician perform the necessary work within the given timeframe.

  5. Schedule a Re-Inspection: Arrange for a re-inspection to confirm that the corrections meet the code requirements.

  6. Maintain Ongoing Compliance: Regularly inspect and maintain electrical systems to prevent future violations.


Electrical code compliance in Los Angeles is a dynamic process that requires awareness of both the California Electrical Code and local amendments. Understanding the process of code corrections is essential for property owners, especially in response to a Notice to Comply from the LAHD. Proactive maintenance and regular inspections by qualified professionals are key to ensuring ongoing compliance and safety of electrical installations in the city.

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